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Antique clock case restoration

We provide a specialist professional restoration service from our workshop based in Hollingworth. No job is out of our skill set from 25 years of experience

Typical repair/restoration work consists of chipped veneer, missing mouldings, discolouration of original timber and general wear and tear. We have a vast collection of period veneers and timber which we use for restoration work. 

Due to our knowledge, we are adept at dealing with major restoration challenges. 


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Repair of clock movements

We offer a clean and service to all antique clock movements.

All components are stripped down, cleaned, scratch polished and the wear & tear repaired. Bushes are inserted where required. Mainsprings are replaced where necessary.

Due to the vast variety of antique clocks we quote each one separately. 


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Restoration of barometers 

We carry out repairs and restoration to all types of barometers including mercury filled and aneroid. 


Main repair work includes wear and tear to case, boxwood and ebony bandings can often can be damaged or go missing when the original glue becomes dry.  Discolouration of brass work, re-silvering brass engraved dials and the refilling of mercury tubes. 

Please send pictures and an item description for accurate quotes. 

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Restoration of antique furniture

The knowledge and experience gained over the years has enabled us to carry out work for some of the major furniture dealers in the World. 

That said we have been known to refinish John Lewis table tops too! 


Price quoted on inspection.  

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