The story so far!! 

Now a little about myself, so you can have a much better idea about me and what I do.

My name is Andrew Firth, 38 years of age and have carried out restoration work in Glossop/Hollingworth (in and around the Manchester area) since the age of 13. It was at this age that I began to work for the late Mr Terry Lees of Derbyshire Clocks/Heirloom but have now run a successful business for 15 years. 

Having started at the age of 13 I now have more than 25 years experience in not only the restoration of Antique clocks but the Antique clock industry as a whole.

In 2013 my wife (Catherine) and I decided to start selling restoration products that we produce and use for restoration. The idea was that I could offer good quality products at a reasonable cost.


As interest in clocks is usually a hobby, we wanted to supply products that were affordable to customers.

We are increasingly aware of the desire people have to restore/repair their own treasured pieces and my products enable them to do this.  


So there we are, we not only have fine quality clocks/barometers for sale we also provide the products to repair your own.

We offer a specialised restoration service for antique clocks and barometers. Please message through this site for more details or please feel free to get in touch on 07920 841377. 

We also have a restoration site to showcase previous work for your perusal. Please click on the link below.


Thanks for taking time to view our site.