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8" Rosewood veneered 4 piece Wheel barometer (KIPPAX RETFORD)


A fine example of wheel barometer with swan neck pediment dated between 1820 TO 1825.

Case has figured rosewood veneer.

Hydrometer sits above the 12" thermometer with alcohol filled tube reading against an engraved silvered scale.


8' fine engraved brass silvered dial behind polished brass setting hand and blued reading hand surounded by polished brass bezel housing the convex glass.

Turned bone setting knob

Hand engraved name plate to the bottom with level signed Kippax Retford.



This barometer has had profesional restoration by awf restorations and is in fully working order.

Due to how delicate this item is, please phone for a quote on delivery or to arrange collection.

Tel ; 07920841377




8" Rosewood wheel barometer circa 1820

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