If you have purchased a pair of hands from our online store or eBay shop then we offer a fettle and bluing service which can be purchased here.


To fettle and blue a pair of hands profesionally takes time and experience.

The blank hands are shaped on the edges with needle files to create more of a 3d efect rather than a clean cut piece of steel.

This gives the hand design a whole different look.

Hands are then highly polished and heated to a high temperature which changes the surface colour of the steel brown, purple then blue.

The contrast in colour from purple to blue creates a lovely looking finish which enables the hands to be more readable on either a silvered or brass dial.


Please note this product is a service and the pictures are an example of what the services offers.

Only purchase if you require hands to be fettled and blued.

Thank you

Fettle and Bluing service


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