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Bracket clock hands BC8

Bracket clock hands BC8


A set of Bracket clock Hands BC 8


Made from 1.5 mm steel.

The minute hand measures 95 mm from centre to tip.

The hour hand measures 65 mm from centre to tip.

Hands come with a 2 mm centre hole.


This set of antique clock hands have been produced to give a highly authentic look when fitted to any Bracket or mantle clock dial.


This design is 100% original with other designs available (please see other items for sale).


Once they have been fettled and blued then only an expert would tell they have been replaced. 


These hands are designed by myself and produced in England to ensure the highest of quality. 


Please note these hands will be not be sold as blued unless the fettle and bluing service has been purchased.

The picture is for design puposes only. Thank you

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