A set of brass longcase clock stamped hands including subsidiary seconds  LC 52


**Fantastic Quality**


Made from 2 mm brass.

The minute hand measures 150 mm from centre to tip.

The hour measures 110 mm from centre to tip. 

The seconds hand is 45 mm from centre to tip. 

Seconds hand comes with 50 mm long pipe with 2 mm internal diameter. 

(All minute and hour hands can be reduced between 5 mm and 15 mm if required).


Hands come with a 2 mm centre hole. 


This set of antique clock hands including subsidiary seconds have been produced to give a highly, authentic look when fitted to any longcase clock dial.


Individually hand stamped in our Derbyshire workshop to give a decorative, authentic appearance. 


This design is 100% original with other designs available (please see other items for sale). 


Once they have been fettled and polished then only an expert could tell they have been replaced. 



A set of brass Longcase clock stamped hands including subsidiary seconds LC 52


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    Made in Derbyshire