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Antique clock dial silvering powder

100 grams


We produce this silvering powder using the finest ingredients following an tried and tested method. 

Being restorers in the antique clock trade for a number of years means that reputation is important not only in our service but our products too.

I glad to say we have plenty of good feedback from this powder.

100 gram silvering powder

SKU: 006
  • How to use the silvering powder


    Ensure that all items to be silvered have been finely burnished with a fine wet and dry emery paper, any restoration to the engravings with black wax should be carried out at this point and finished accordingly. Wash the article to be silvered in warm water making sure it is perfectly clean and free from any grease residue.

    Place a small amount of silvering powder approx 1 teaspoonful, in a non metallic dish, and with a lightly dampened cloth dip it into the powder and apply it to the article to be silvered, keeping it moist at all times and feather it out in an even motion across the whole surface and work in thoroughly.

    Within seconds you will see that the brass dial/article soon becomes silvered; always ensure that a constant even coat of the silvering powder is applied in order to give an even coating.

    Finally, rinse again in warm water then coat the whole area with the finishing powder in the same manner and instructions above.

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